Creating The Perfect Logo

A logo represents the company. That very slogan, line, font or symbol encompasses the heart of the organisation in its little square, circle or any shape it could house. So obviously, a logo seems pretty important. However, what must a logo contain? or what must a logo look like? It is important to identify the design, the content, the attention to detail, the colours, the fonts used and the most important point to keep in mind whilst creating a logo is to make it unique! You might fall into huge legal issues you try to plagiarise the logo of another company. Here are a few tips and tricks to remember whilst in the process of creating a brand-new logo or reinventing your old logo.

The colours that you decide to include in your logo have to be carefully selected. This is because, every colour represents a feeling or a mood. As an example, the colour red resembles energy, love, passion and so on while the colour blue represents the trust, intelligence and so on. So, it is crucial to choose the right colours to represent your organisation. You logo is also most probably going to be included in your retail signage, so make it pop.


Another important element to remember is to keep it simple. A lot of beautiful things in life are the simplest of things. Simplicity does not only translate to basic and boring, it means to remove a sense of claustrophobia and suffocation in the logo and create a feeling of ease and comfort while looking at it. It is crucial to not include enormous amounts of data into your logo, which is only going to be so big. It is also important to keep the logo clean and out of clutter. If you find it difficult, you could always ask help from your creative services or hire an external team to create the perfect logo for you.

Make it Represent Your Company

Another role a logo has to contain, is to represent the organisation. A logo should comprise of the very purpose of your company, it should resemble the core values of your company and communicate with the public about what the company stands for.

Be Unique

The only thing a logo should not be, however, is plagiarised in any way shape or form. A copied logo is a failed logo. A logo must have to be unique in every way possible, whether it may be the colours, the design, the font, the shape or anything you wish your logo to contain. A copied logo could land you in a heap of trouble from every direction. You and your organisation would also be criticised for the lack or originality which would be an added embarrassment.

So, a logo must be unique, must represent the company, kept simple and awesome enough to keep your business on the map. What else do you want from a logo?

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