Message Displays And Lighting Towers

Message displays are used to deliver the message to the public so it is convenient for them to act properly. Our message displays have power systems installed in them and there are even solar panels so that if there is sun shining bring, the display will harness power from the panels and will be visible enough. As our displays can be used 24/7, the LED’s in the variable message display board are bright enough to display the message in extreme bright conditions or dark areas. The system is completely weatherproof and can be used in any climate. Our displays are dust and rain resistant and can be used without any precaution in these conditions. There are a lot of applications of variable message displays including telling the people about the traffic conditions or the condition of road ahead. It may also be used to tell about the speed limits and display the different VMS sign hire for the further precautions. 




We have got a huge range of lighting towers that you can use to get a powerful beam of light. Our lighting towers are high and can be extended to the height of 9 meters. The material of the tower is galvanised and can be used in climate condition. The whole system is weatherproof providing you a smooth operation of the light. The flood of the light is powerful as there are four individual metal halide lamps casting a powerful beam of light. There is a generator at the base of the pole with the power of 6 kilowatts. You can even connect small load to the generator. The individual lamp consumes 1000 watts and the total of 4000 watts. The operation of the whole system is quiet and you would not have any disturbance while performing the work. It can be used where massive amount of light output is required like parking lots or sporting event. You can also use it in construction sites or mega structural construction areas where the work is 24/7 in operation and you need a lot of light for smooth operation.


All of our variable message displays are available in different sizes and can be used for multiple messages plus can be transported easily. The products that you get from us are durable and high-quality and can be used in any climate conditions. If there are still questions you want to know about the lighting towers or variable message displays then feel free to contact us, we will guide you all about it and will tell you all the details about the usage and operation of the system.

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