Simple Ways To Make Refrigerator Magnets.

by | July 17, 2018

Magnets are really cool and can be used to decorate fridge doors and lockers. Sure, you can buy colourful magnets on the market but make your own magnets such as photo magnets are much more personal and unique because you can’t really get them in a store. Making refrigerator magnets can be fun, easy and luckily there are countless variations. Simply anything can be turned into a refrigerator magnet with the help of some glue and a magnet. Refrigerator magnets can give your kitchen a stylish touch. Homemade magnets are a versatile craft you can easily make them decorate your fridge or give them as gifts. These ways will help you to make a few simple magnets.

Use found objects.

Find objects that are light in weight and flat on one side. You can turn almost anything into a cute magnet. It would be easier if the objects are of width and height both of 1 to 2 inches. Legos, seashells, small plastic animals, small stones, colourful buttons, brooches and small plastic flowers are a few examples of some objects that you could easily turn into decorative fridge magnets Melbourne. Find a few magnets that fit your objects. It’s better to use around button magnets. See whether the back of your objects is dirty. If so, the glue may not stick to it properly. Clean them with rubbing some alcohol and wipe the back of the objects. Coat the entire top surface of the magnet with either hot glue or an industrial strength glue. Keep in mind that hot glue is suitable for objects made out of lightweight plastic, wood or paper whereas, industrial strength glue is suitable for heavy objects including objects made of metal or glass. Press and firmly hold the back of the object onto the glue for at least 1 minute. Let the glue dry for some time.

Photo Magnets.

Print out any photo you like on a plain paper make sure the photos are not more than 19 mm in diameter. Purchase clear glass cabochons also of size 19 mm. size up the printed photos with the cabochons and make sure they are the correct size. Glue the images to the glass cabochons and let them dry for some time. Next, place some silicone adhesive on the magnet and stick it to the back of the cabochon. Before using allow the glue to dry. You can start up a small business to sell refrigerator magnets. You may create your own custom car magnets to advertise your business.

Using ceramic tiles.

Get 5.1 cm tiles from a hardware store. Print the photo on a plan paper matching the size of the tile glue the photo to the tile using decoupage glue and let it dry then glue a round magnet onto the back of the tile and wait a few minutes for the glue to set.